Event Coordinators:

Amy Billings  & Wendy Réaux 



We’ve love every minute of this journey....

2 Crafty Chicks

Amy had been an avid class taker of mine, and she also put on a crop in central LA.  I just loved her personality when she would come to my classes.  She had that very southern accent that everyone just falls in love with.  Everyone kept telling me that I needed to open a scrapbook store, or start a crop, or continue teaching classes/or making kits.  So it came to me that I had to hook up with Amy to put on the greatest scrapbook event in the state of Louisiana.  We searched and searched and me being in the Hospitality Mgmt. field I knew just who to call to find the BEST location!  I knew at that moment when we pulled up we had landed as close to Heaven as I could imagine.  I was so excited to call this our HOME.


Wendy Reaux

When Wendy asked me about putting on a crop with her, I thought "a little crop with Wendy, that will be fun! A little crop!"  When we found the event center I thought "We will never fill this place up, I thought if we got 30 people it would be great we could crop with them" and now here we are 5 years later with lots and lots of fun women coming and retuning and bringing more friends and we've even had to create waiting lists.  I am in awe of what this has turned into and I am so happy I jumped on this crazy dream train with Wendy! It has been an awesome journey!


Amy Billings

Our Events​

We did not know if this would work or be successful but it was! We grew from renting 1/4 of the building to the whole ball room the first year.  How excited we were that so many ladies trusted us to provide them a great place to scrapbook for the weekend.  Then the following year we grew to renting the whole facility! And grew and grew until now we have 240 wonderful ladies attending our event.  We are so honored!!! We thank you all from the bottom of our hearts for coming to our event.

Past crop themes:

1st year- Alice in Wonderland

2nd year- Willy Wonka

3rd year- Wizard of Oz

4th year- Charlie Brown

5th year- Beauty and the Beast

6th year- Grease is the Word

7th year- Frozen: Scrappily Ever After

8th year- Golden Girls:  Thank you for being our Friends

9th year......to be determined!!!!

What our customers are saying

The Best Facility in the State

Candy Gerace